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We were so pleased with The Donor Motivation Program® in Toronto that, not only did we renew for a second year, but we also started up the program in Calgary, Edmonton, London, Montreal, Vancouver, and Halifax."


Planned Giving Director for The Nature Conservancy of Canada, and 2019 Recipient of The Donor Motivation Program® Canada Charity Champion Award

Our transformational goal is to help redirect $1 Billion dollars of taxes back to the charitable sector. To date, The Donor Motivation Program® has worked with over 40 charities from coast to coast.

Below you will find some testimonials from charity professionals just like you! Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have after watching these videos:

Listen to what charity professionals from Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, Sunnybrook Foundation and March of Dimes Canada are saying about the program.

Tony Lee


Canadian Cancer Society

Our History

In 2008, Keith Thomson was sitting in the audience listening to a presentation by Scott Keffer, the founder of The Donor Motivation Program® (DMP for short). Afterwards, he was intrigued to learn more about this program that could essentially match his passion for philanthropy with his skill set and experience. On a handshake agreement, Keith brought DMP to Canada.

Back in the mid 1990’s, Scott Keffer created The Donor Motivation Program® out of frustration when he realized that there were only so many cheques he could write and only so many hours he could volunteer. Based on his in-depth understanding of the philanthropic sector, he knew that it took more than a few loyal donors to make an organization sustainable. He also understood that having an endowment was key and that the most effective funding model for such an endowment was through planned giving. Yet the sad reality was so many charitable organizations were failing at securing predictable planned giving gifts.

After interviewing dozens of planned giving experts, Scott discovered that, fundamentally, charities needed to:


  1. See More Planned Giving Donors – they were barely scratching the surface and yet they didn’t have more time to meet with additional donors.

  2. See More Qualified Donors – even if they had more time, identifying those that were “willing and able” was a hit or miss.

  3. Motivate Donors To Action – in the end, donor development must result in some action on the part of donors.

Therefore, and with limited time and money, the essential need for charitable organizations was for a cost-effective and time-efficient process to systematically and repeatedly focus on these three objectives. In other words, a system that could dramatically and successfully multiply the results of their planned giving programs.

Thus, DMP was born. We have now systematized a money-back guaranteed process that is designed to help charity professionals increase the number of meaningful planned giving conversations with their donors.

We designed DMP with these 10 Strategic Results in mind:

  1. Engage Major Donors at a Higher Level as Champions for your Charity

  2. Provide a Simple Method for these Champions to Introduce Their “Circle of Influence” to your Charity

  3. Discover the Millionaire Donors Next Door among your existing Donor Base

  4. Uncover Donors with Existing Legacy Gifts your Charity was Unaware Of.

  5. Re-Energize Your Disconnected Donors

  6. Establish Your Charitable Organization as a Donor-Centric Resource

  7. Maintain Consistent Visibility With Your Donors and In Your Community

  8. Communicate Long-Term Stability of Your Organization

  9. Increase Legacy Gifts

  10. Become the “Charity of Choice” in the Minds of Your Donors


For over half a decade, The Canadian Association of Gift Planners has enjoyed a successful partnership with The Donor Motivation Program®. This dedicated and passionate group of planned giving consultants continually strives to engage with our nonprofit community, providing high-quality and highly-relevant philanthropically-focused education. It’s expert knowledge and advice that’s having a real impact on the Canadian philanthropic sector, and will be for many years to come.”

—Ruth MacKenzie, President & CEO, CAGP

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